Just a quick note…

…that’s kind of riffing off of this post here: if you really want to have a good idea of how 2016 is going to go on the Democratic side, keep a sharp lookout next year and in 2014 for how the primary rules are going to be changed. The Obama campaign found every exploit in the world during the 2008 primaries; it will be instructive to see if they keep plugging the holes.

I suspect that they will; I’m coming to the conclusion that the Democratic Establishment will really and truly think that it’s going to be a good idea to run Joe Biden, and to do that he’s going to need a full-forced shutdown of any primary quirk that doesn’t favor incumbents.

Moe Lane

PS: I know, I know: lots of people think that it’s going to be a while before we see another Anglo male win the nomination for President.  While I suspect that this may be true on the Republican side, I am not exactly convinced that it is on the Democratic one.  Guess we’ll see…


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