Sen Mark Warner (D, VA) declines to run for VA-GOV.

He’s sticking with the Senate.

After months of speculation, U.S. Sen. Mark Warner today announced he won’t seek another term as governor, meaning whatever his political future holds is likely be oriented around Washington rather than the State Capitol.

Which apparently means that the new Democratic front-runner will be… Terry McAuliffe.  For those who don’t remember the 2009 VA-GOV election, he’s the failed DNC chairman from New York who’s never actually won an election; it is a measure of the fellow that McAuliffe decisively lost to a man who kept hitting people with his car.  On the other hand, thanks to that “no consecutive terms” thing Virginian gubernatorial elections have a distressing tendency to resemble a metronome, so McAuliffe can make a half-credible argument that he might as well be Governor of Virginia: everybody else in the state has, after all.

As for why Warner isn’t running in 2013… I dunno.  Maybe Warner wants to run for President in 2016.

…Puede ser difícil.


One thought on “Sen Mark Warner (D, VA) declines to run for VA-GOV.”

  1. Nah. I’m betting he wants to be Senator for life like the Warner he replaced. He’s too popular to be beat, I think.

    Webb was such a stooge. He came in all “I switched parties to stop George Bush’s evil war!” and then utterly failed. Then he got played into being a cog in the Obamacare passage fiasco and his career was over. Allen should have been able to sweep in to reclaim his honor but I guess Northern Virgina is too stocked with govt workers for that bit of justice to happen. And with the expansion of the Govt workforce due to Obamacare, Northern VA is gonna get even bluer. I’m afraid national level statewide races in VA are lost to us for a while.

    So now they’re stuck with a fake moderate and

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