All hail the Soulless Corporate Behemoth! #starwars #disney

The rumor is that they’re tapping the Guy Who Wrote The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi and the Guy Who Wrote Sherlock Holmes and X-Men: First Class to do the scripts for the upcoming Star Wars movies.  Apparently The Mouse likes to makes a metric [expletive deleted]-ton of money off of geeks: who knew?

Thanks, guys.  Mind you, we still need to reform that absurdly punitive copyright scheme that the Mouse has inflicted on the country.

Moe Lane


11 thoughts on “All hail the Soulless Corporate Behemoth! #starwars #disney”

  1. Apparently The Mouse likes to makes a metric [expletive deleted]-ton of money off of geeks: who knew?

    You say this as almost this is a bad thing.

    1. don’t forget the fortune they made off the Avengers.

      “Not doing for the money”
      “we’re not?”
      “No, we are doing for a ****-load of money”

  2. Every year they dedicate one of their theme parks to a Star Wars fan convention, complete with the stormtrooper cosplayers marching in parades, celebrity guests, and special collectibles.

    Yeah, they get the fanboy market.

    1. I’m in watch-and-wait mode.
      The Empire of the Mouse is hell on copycats, but the Star Wars fans are fanatical*, and these two groups are going to be pitted against one another.
      It will be interesting to see when, not if, the C&D letters start going out, and what the reaction looks like …
      * fanatical isn’t always a bad thing:

  3. Kasdan is good news, that’s for sure. And so is Simon Kinberg — I loved the first Sherlock Holmes. But the pessimist in me refuses to be worried yet. Michael Arndt (writer of “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Toy Story 3”) still has a chance to pooch-screw Episode VII before Kasdan and Kinberg can put fingers to keyboards. And he might do it, too. We’ll just have to see.

  4. Maybe the Mouse will release the original theatrical version of Star Wars (IV) to Blu-ray.

      1. I don’t know, Spegen. It might happen. I recall George Lucas once saying that the original versions of the original films would never be available on DVD. I waited around, thinking that eventually, he would see enough dollar signs to break that promise. And he did. Granted, he released them on the back side of a double-sided DVD that also included the remastered versions on the front side. Still. He released them, is my point. And I bet Disney will see enough dollar signs in a Blu-ray release to make it happen as well.

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