“As God is my witness…”

…aw, you know the rest. This is the greatest Thanksgiving moment in 20th Century American television.  Well, one of the top five, at least.

I’d link to the show on Amazon, only they were forced to gut the DVD. No rights to use the music past the original broadcast/syndication run, you understand – and it was done back in the day when VHS was just taking off, so nobody really thought that this would be an issue later.

H/T: Constant reader Herp McDerp.

23 thoughts on ““As God is my witness…””

  1. You are going to give me nightmares. I was worried about getting a zombie/vampire gun and now my ol’ turkey gun will be my go to.

    Happy Thanksgiving all.

    1. I am a bit confused here. Herp gets a hat tip for a song attacking soldiers, and my comment is awaiting moderation. I thought this was supposed to be a fun day and diary. Oh well, let others sort it out. If I have this all wrong, I apologize.

      1. hmm, I thought as much. the links must have set off an auto moderation. NO need to post what I said Moe. Basically I said that song Alice’s restaurant is anti-soldier. It says that they burn women and kids, etc. Not my taste for Thanksgiving, but that is just me.

          1. sorry about that Moe. I love the WKRP thing, and knew that was the link you H/T’ed.

            Somehow after researching that linked song, and getting mad about it, I lost my train of thought/typing. 🙂

        1. Basically I said that song Alice’s restaurant is anti-soldier. It says that they burn women and kids, etc. Not my taste for Thanksgiving, but that is just me.

          There are several ways to view that song. One is to view it as an attack on soldiers, which I think is a defensible interpretation but mostly wrong … and which was NOT my intention. Another is to view it as a song that attacks mindless bureaucracy, whether it’s in the local police department or in the military. Gosh! Has any man in the military ever griped about that?

          1. I agree with some of what you are saying. And I am no friend of mindless bureaucracy. I probably did overreact to the song, and people are free to interpret music as they wish.

            I think there are two interpretations here that stand out. Mine is number two.

            1)This is a good song with thousands of words and hundreds of lines and only one line called troops baby and woman burners.

            2. This is a 20 minute song with hundreds of lines IN ORDER COVER A BIT for the line about soldier’s being called baby and woman burners!

          2. It’s possible to have more than one intention.
            And speaking as someone who supported the United States in the Vietnam War, I do kinda wish we and the South Vietnamese government hadn’t used napalm quite so much, and I do kinda wish William Calley also had been classified 4-F by the Selective Service Administration for Felony Littering.

          3. Don’t get me wrong Herp, I have actually grown to appreciate some “protest” music and poetry. I don’t like it when it impugns the soldier, but leadership, politicos, and foolishness, is certainly worthy of mockery.

            I am not so blind as to think soldiers are never wrong, and I am positive war is hell. But I have chosen to give the generic soldier the benefit of the doubt, as I have always said, I believe he IS the best of us. Anyway, happy Turkey Day Herp.

            If this works, here is something I like. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNMHOc9xfKQ

  2. HerP, for some reason I can’t reply to your last message. For personal, family reasons, I can’t decry napalm. More than just family, I know too many good men who dropped it, just doing their duty. IMHO, we should have used more, and quicker. I have a line about war, as I am a student of such doings. The only way to win a war is “to apply such force on the enemy that he loses his will to fight”. This is easily said, but rarely done. IMHO, the last time the USA fought a war to win it was WW2. And that is the last war we truly won.

    As far as Calley goes, I respect no war criminal. Those who kill and abuse for no reason, deserve no ones respect. On the other hand, I can promise you this, we, and everyone else committed many more atrocities in WW2 than those committed in Vietnam. The difference is we as a nation were in WW2 to win it to win it. Now we fight wars questioning ourselves, attacking ourselves, looking for reasons to quit; and the end result is no war is won, and war itself wins be going on.

    Herp, I can understand someone being anti-war, as the soldier is at the top of the list. But the worst war is the one that never ends, and the main reason this happens is that we as a people are unwilling to fight to win.

    Here is an anti-war song you should like. I like the singing, and some of the lyrics are uncomfortable, but I still post it under my name. You might find fault with some of the lyrics, as I did with your song. My point is I understand something I don’t like can have meaning to you, and vice versa. I did not mean to impugn you for posting something you liked, and I don’t impugn you.

    This was tough for me to like, but it is worth hearing, sometimes the tough questions are the best ones.


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