Barack Obama ‘thinking’ of backing off of no-corporate-money for Inauguration.

Hey, guess what? Barack Obama’s not running for anything any more! Which means that he officially no longer has to care about progressive sensibilities.

President Barack Obama’s fundraising advisers have urged the White House to accept corporate donations for his January 2013 inaugural celebration rather than rely exclusively on weary donors who underwrote his $1 billion re-election effort.

People involved in his re-election campaign said White House staff and campaign advisers have been debating whether to accept corporate money to stage the events but haven’t made a final decision.

Translation: Barack Obama is planning to accept corporate money for his second inauguration, and he’s fully expectant that the level of grumbling from progressives in response will not go above a TPM Livewire post. ¬†Either that, or Obama has decided that the progressive reaction will be easily survivable even if it gets to the point of actual screaming. ¬†The second is arguably more likely to be correct, but the first is certainly poss)

5 thoughts on “Barack Obama ‘thinking’ of backing off of no-corporate-money for Inauguration.”

  1. It’s only hypocrisy when the other guy does it. Or maybe hypocrisy is only anathematic when the other guy does it. Whatever. Consistency’s a hobgoblin, or something.

  2. I fully expect a huge expose in the NYT Sunday edition on how lobbyists and “special interests”are buying the White House! /s

  3. Hey, this just proves that Barack Obama is the Best President Everrr. Everybody likes him, even the people he demonizes!

  4. Will there be product placement, like in movies? The Brawndo Inaugural Ball? “It’s what plants crave.”
    Maybe they’ll sell commercial time like the Super Bowl. . .

  5. 1) Saint Obama can do no wrong

    2) if something about his actions bothers you, see rule number 1)

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