So… did anything actually *happen* today?

Because it looks like everybody else was playing the new Mass Effect 3 DLC, too.  Not bad, by the way, but the ending’s ‘stark moral choice’ is never really all that stark for me.  Definitely worth picking up, if only for Aria dialogue/butt kicking, but at some point hopefully Bioware will stop trying to force emotional reactions of this kind.  If you’re on either the Paragon/Renegade wagon you’re on ’em, and there’s not much wiggle room on either side of the bright line.

Or something.

2 thoughts on “So… did anything actually *happen* today?”

  1. Still replaying GalCiv 1 on my part. Hey I’m old I like old games, need to load Dos Box so I can play Lords of the Realm 2 again, I like that game.

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