Somebody had a brawl on Thanksgiving? INCONCEVIABLE!

I normally don’t stoop to reporting tawdry celebrity gossip – unless, of course, there’s a political angle to it – but the story about Halle Berry’s ex-boyfriend getting the snot smacked out of him by Berry’s current fiance includes this, well, howler:

The fight took place during the American festival of Thanksgiving, traditionally the time for families to unite and celebrate their blessings.

HA! While the UK Daily Mail is not exactly incorrect about that, it is still being, shall we say, incomplete. Let’s just say that Festivus is not the only date on the American social calendar where there can be The Airing Of The Grievances, although I will admit that it rarely gets to the level of cracked ribs and stitches…

6 thoughts on “Somebody had a brawl on Thanksgiving? INCONCEVIABLE!”

  1. The only advantage to having Thanksgiving and Christmas so close together is that is gives us 11 months to mentally recover and prepare for the season.

  2. Two countries separated by an allegedly common language….
    And yeah, the Airing of the Grievances can get a little .. heated.

  3. I feel bad for that guy. He looks like he was thrown of the Cliffs of Insanity, hit with the Festivus Pole, and attacked by Rodents of Unusual Size.

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