Susan Rice’s Iranian oil connection? …And Canadian oil connection?

…And, well, there’s a lot, really.

Well, well, well. It turns out that UN Ambassador and prospective Secretary of State nominee Susan Rice (she’s a multimillionaire, by the way) has some rather interesting financial ties to numerous foreign energy companies that still do business with that oppressive, misogynistic, homophobic, and downright barking mad insane regime currently controlling Iran.  The most interesting one of those is Royal Dutch Shell, which has about a billion dollars’ worth of interest (literally) in getting Iran’s sanctions lifted; Rice has also invested in at least two other companies that are operating in Iran against the wishes of pretty much most of the West.

Hmm.  Let’s scroll through some of her other investments:

  • Transcanada ($300-600K).  Keystone Pipeline company.  Wonder whether the Greenies are comfortable about that? Spoiler warning: no.
  • Monsanto (10-50K). Agricultural conglomerate that works with genetically engineered food.  Wonder if the Greenies are comfortable about that?
  • Walmart ($50-100K). …If you haven’t figured out by now that Big Labor is gunning for Walmart, then… Big Labor is gunning for Walmart.
  • Ishares Silver Trust ($100-250K), Newmont Mining Corp ($100-250K).  Metal mining companies.  Hey, guess who has even more of a vested interest than usual in making sure that the government keeps the current capital gains and dividends tax rates?  Metal mining companies!

It’s kind of entertaining, actually: I mean, personally I don’t really care that Ambassador Rice owns any of those companies (no, what I care about is that Ambassador Rice apparently lied to the American people in order to benefit her partisan faction*).  But it’s fascinating in its way to watch all those loyal progressive line up to support an establishment figure that is actually making money off of all those things that progressives hate.  It’s like the Left enjoys having the metaphoric equivalent of lit cigarettes ground out on their foreheads; maybe the pain tells them that they’re actually alive?

Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS:  You know, there’s a reason why, say, Dick Cheney and other government officials – excuse me, Republican government officials – set up blind trusts for this sort of thing; or else – again, like Dick Cheney – divest themselves of potentially conflicting investments, and hang the financial cost.  Or – one more time, like Dick Cheney – both.Why didn’t somebody explain to Susan Rice that she should really have done something along those lines?

*I expect my country’s Ambassadors to lie like rugs when it comes to benefiting the country as a whole.  Such things are in fact often laudable.

6 thoughts on “Susan Rice’s Iranian oil connection? …And Canadian oil connection?”

  1. Have to Love that she’s being outed by her Leftist friends because they’ve decided she’s damaged goods. Gee whiz, it’s almost like they don’t mind if you score big if your on their side, or something. And by the way Moe they are Leftists They Are Not Liberals! I’ve been in this argument before. The definition of Liberal includes being “Open Minded” something the Left currently isn’t.

  2. Moe, this can’t possibly be true! I searched all the Mainstream Media sites, and I didn’t find a single word about this — not even on, which we all know is unbiased and completely honest. If all of this really had been public information since last August, it would have been unthinkable for our trusted media overlords to have ignored it.
    You must be one of those racist, sexist haters or something, to be spreading these lies about such a wonderful person!
    (This is why I prefer the term “Accomplice Media” to “MSM.)

  3. Just like Bill Clinton can sexually harass employees (and possibly rape them too) yet be considered pro-woman. As long as Rice has the correct liberal positions, she is immune from leftist (public) ire.

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