Wait, this needed to be explained?


Anyone signing up to Facebook agrees to their terms and conditions (which can be read here). In the same way that posting your own hotchpotch rental agreement in your lounge window makes no difference to your landlord once he’s got your original signed contract, neither does this status update amend your agreement with Facebook. You simply can’t retroactively alter the mutually-agreed terms by making a Facebook post.

So what should you do if you’ve already amended your Facebook privacy settings and you’re still unhappy with the site’s policies? Other than renegotiating your terms with them, your options are limited to this: lump it or leave.

It’s a miracle that everybody under 30 isn’t in jail for various forms of intellectual property rights violations.  What the hell were they teaching these kids instead of respect for property rights, anyway?


Yeah, that was a loaded question, huh?


3 thoughts on “Wait, this needed to be explained?”

  1. What if I post a status that Facebook must pay me in cash for the entertaining content I post? That’s a legally binding agreement, right?

  2. I don’t use Facebook, and I am proud of it. I agree with Moe of course on property rights. If someone goes to another’s property and plays, they don’t then later gain the property they played with.

    I am sometimes a self described “libertarian-conservative”. The key word is conservative, the modifier is libertarian, as in, I stand for the Constitution always. I can’t see how ANYONE who claims to believe in liberty doesn’t value property rights above basically everything else. A libertarian-conservative believes in the individual against the abuse of government. Government is ten times as likely to attack private property rights as they are to defend them. Actually it is more like 1000 times.

    If you don’t believe in private property rights against the masses, you have no business at all calling your self liberty anything. And if I am wrong, then I have no business calling myself libertarian.

    BTW, I applaud people using facebook, twitter, etc. for their own benefit. If I had a good reason to use those things, I would. But I feel sorry for those who use it for their egos and desire to feel like people want to know their business. How many times a day do people regret Facebook and Twitter comments? America once rewarded success with fame, now people think fame IS success.

    1. As all common law-type rights, the ones we take for granted, go back to the magna carta, which was about property rights …
      Seems a legit position to me.

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