…If you eliminate the dollar bill, what do you give strippers?

Honestly, that’s my major question on this: and it’s obviously kind of academic, as I don’t go to strip clubs*. Besides, I’ve largely gotten out of the habit of keeping cash on hand anyway.

Moe Lane

*I don’t have anything against them; I’m just not 23 and living on the Shore anymore.

14 thoughts on “…If you eliminate the dollar bill, what do you give strippers?”

    1. BTW, I’ve always thought that this was a succinct summation of our Social Security problem…looks like someone else did, too…

  1. I have actually thought of that. If I was the club/bar owner, I’d sell paper “bar dollars” and have the strippers turn them in later.

  2. I’d rather drop the penny, nickel, and dime and let everyone round to the nearest quarter when paying with cash. This is going to be yet another waste of money.

    1. $2 are awesome. I use them as gifts from the tooth fairy.

      One time we forgot, so the next night we gave my son a $5. He was alarmed that a.) it wasn’t a $2, and b.) it was crinkly, but he still asked if the tooth fairy would give him $5 from now on. He isn’t stupid. Just observant.

  3. I summarize the article this way: Jazz Shaw is out of touch.
    We’ve been trying to eliminate the sawbuck since Carter foisted the Susan B. Frickin’ Anthony on us…
    This, and killing the penny, come up every time D.C. decide they need to Do Something Cost Effective.
    As for the strippers, just slip ’em $5 .. at the rate inflation is going up, they’re gonna start wanting those sooner or later anyway.

    1. I want the Eisenhower dollar coin and the Kennedy half-dollar coin back. There was a beautiful symmetry to the coins then: 10 dimes, 4 quarters, 2 half-dollars, and 1 dollar coin all weighed the same amount and are worth the same amount. I still carry an Eisenhower dollar coin that I’ve been carrying with me since 1989.

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