The Modern Cult Film?

This is a surprisingly hard question to answer:

…not that I can, given that I’m almost 43*. But Sonny Bunch gives it a go.

Moe Lane

PS: If I answer the question anyway? I suspect that we’re going to have more of a situation where movie clips become cult. For example: The Hitler Bunker clip, or the Anchorman Trident scene. People ‘know’ those even if they’ve never seen the films in question.

*Damned if I know what happened, either. Fortunately, I generally like being the age that I actually am.

7 thoughts on “The Modern Cult Film?”

    1. Another she came up with is Shaun of the Dead, which seems to have single-handedly started the current zombie craze.

  1. 5th element was 1997. the problem with giving films cult status post 2000 is that it is so much easier to access films now between Netflix and the INternet in general.

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