Iraqi, possibly Muslim*, refugee bombs Arizona Social Security office.

The short version: on Friday morning the US Social Security office at Casa Grande, Arizona, was targeted by an IED.  Fortunately, nobody was hurt; and equally fortunately, they have already have a suspect in custody.  His name is Abdullatif A. Aldosary, and you know where this is going, don’t you? …By the way, if you write the name out as “Abdul Latif Al-Dosari” you get a partial match with a guy (“Juma-Mohammed-Abdul-Latif-Al-Dosari“) who we have in custody already; I mention this not because it’s the same guy (it’s not), but because somebody else is going to notice that anyway, so we might as well establish that it isn’t the same person now.

At any rate, The PJ Tatler has a roundup of the coverage, or lack thereof (including a hysterical oopsie from at least one Online Left site on how this guy was clearly the vanguard of a bunch of right-wing small-government pipe bombers**).  The problem here is not so much whether or not the Casa Grande bombing was part of an organized Islamist conspiracy: the fact that it detonated when the building was empty would actually argue against that.  Islamist terrorists have never shown any interest in minimizing civilian casualties.  No, the real problem here is that the Media – and, to the extent that they can be distinguished these days, the Obama administration – is so absolutely bound and determined to gateway the heck out of potentially awkward news, up to and including trying to downplay inconvenient details about any of the individuals featured in said news.

This is… counter-productive.  Reading between the lines, the real story coming out of Arizona seems to be that the Iraqi refugee system which was set up several years ago seems to have brought in at least one dangerous and very likely mentally unstable individual who nonetheless was able to remain in this country for several years even though Abdullatif A. Aldosary served time in prison.  Figuring out why that happened would be useful.  Instead – thanks to the ham-handed coverage by the Media – we instead get a situation where the Online Left is engaged in their usual online self-abuse while dreaming of the Great White Christianist Domestic Terrorist Whale, and the reactions to the news on the Right will probably focus, naturally enough, on why a key piece of data was missing from the initial reports.

Because while it may be true that this bombing may not have necessarily been due to an organized violent Islamist terror group, the fact remains: organized violent Islamist terror groups set off a lot of improvised bombs.  The Media can stop pretending that this isn’t true any time now.  It can also get back into the habit of reporting the news, and maybe not worry so much about how the rest of us will react to it…

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Moe Lane (crosspost)

*I originally had that as ‘presumably,’ but it’s entirely possible that the Media hasn’t even bothered to check to see whether this guy is, say, an Assyrian Christian refugee.

**You get the feeling sometimes that the Online Left is kind of disappointed that there hasn’t been a wave of right-wing violence erupting across the land.

7 thoughts on “Iraqi, possibly Muslim*, refugee bombs Arizona Social Security office.”

  1. “All the news that fits the Narrative”
    This is why Costas talks up gun control during a football game.

  2. “You get the feeling sometimes that the Online Left is kind of disappointed that there hasn’t been a wave of right-wing violence erupting across the land.”

    The sooner it starts, the sooner they can start their crack down.

    1. Their reality-distortion fields are quite impressive, Crawford.
      They keep expecting the right to react with violence, and we keep not doing so…

    2. While it would be easier for them if they had an excuse to start their crackdown, I get the feeling that eventually they will decide that they don’t need an excuse.

  3. You’re right. Certain folks on the left, such as a Brazil residing person who I am sure likes Muslims as an abstract but whose entire public record of writing about them is to use them (Us.) as bludgeons with which to assert his leftist bonafides against Obama, will do harm to the public discourse by a. assiduously trying to minimize the ethnic and/or religious background of the perpetrator and b. try to change teh subject by pointing to (admittedly, plenty) examples of white folk engaged in violence against the state.

    However, there will be an equally predictable and about 10x more vigorous reaction on teh right, which is to say SHARIA TAQIYYA JIHAD blah blah blah, and of course they will gleefully revel in the ethnic and religious background of the perpetrator, doing considerably MORE damage to the public discourse by helping to perpetuate the view that muslims represent a fifth column in this country.

    AT least, thats how it usually goes, My recent banning from Redstate precludes me from actually verifying teh results on your thread there, but if my last 10 diaries were any indicator, it’s a pretty solid wager.

    The question is, apart from Moe Lane, who is really interested in the important question of why a 10-year old program for pipelining iraqi refugees into the US hasn’t come under any scrutiny before? Certainly not anyone on teh far left or the far right.

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