I would be happy to help moderate a GOP primary debate…

…in my official capacity as a RedState Contributing Editor:

One approach might be to start with a list of intelligent right-of-center people who will ask reasonable questions eliciting substantive responses. You can find them in abundance at such places as the National Review, the Weekly Standard, Breitbart.com, Townhall.com, HotAir.com, RedState.com, and, to be self-serving, PJMedia.com. There are plenty more, including, naturally, the Wall Street Journal opinion pages.

And to be as equally self-serving as Roger Simon is being.  But, honestly, the current system is as just as awful as Roger describes.  Remember all that stuff that we were yelling at the computer screen during the debates?  Wouldn’t it have been great if we were the people asking those questions? …Well, could we have made matters worse?

So there you go.  Make me a primary debate moderator.  I will promise to assume that everybody on that stage both likes babies just fine and doesn’t obsess over sex like the Media does; which will thus allow me to ask questions which would actually be, well, interesting to Republican primary voters.  It’ll be a thing.

Moe Lane

PS: Any primary debate that I moderate would have no more than five people on the stage.  If that.  I’d prefer three, frankly.

11 thoughts on “I would be happy to help moderate a GOP primary debate…”

  1. Redstate offered to moderate last time as well, that went no-where. For some reason, the republican elites would rather debate in the hornets nest of liberals than to discuss issues with conservative (AKA- their base)

  2. I would be happy to yell at the TV while you moderate a GOP debate, Moe.
    As it is, I tend to watch them on the laptop because the moderators piss me off far more than the candidates and I’m only one alt-tab away from the Sluggy Freelance archive.

  3. Even if you sat on a panel with some others. My guess the news folks would demand they have one of theirs up there, but if we had a firewall of some sort,… A great fantasy scene I’d love to see played out would be said news person/persyn/whatever, asks the standard dumb question and before anyone on stage could go off on them a la Gingrich you’d turn over to them and ask them, “Really, you think that is the most important thing that the country needs addressed? You really want to waste valuable airtime with that? Let me rephrase that for you sparky,…” and then proceed with asking a pertinant question of value for both the primary voters and general viewers.

  4. On second thought, I would rather have you moderate the Dem primary debate. That could be fun watching them twist and turn defending their positions as stated in plain English vs MSM spin language

  5. So there you go. Make me a primary debate moderator.
    Moe, you’re obviously unqualified. Leave it to the professionals, people like George Stephanopoulos who can be fair and substantive and unbiased and concerned for the best interests of the nation and …
    … I’m only one alt-tab away from the Sluggy Freelance archive.
    Heck, I’d rather see Torg and Riff moderate than the shills they’ve had up ’til now. *BLINK* Or Bun-bun … I’d pay to watch Bun-bun as a debate moderator!

  6. You have no chance Moe. I have seen too many of your interviews. You have this annoying habit of letting the interviewee respond to your questions without interruption.

      1. I have a pretty cynical view of any candidates desire for anyone to find out what he or she thinks. So, yeah, I’d love to see you as a debate moderator. I’ll believe it when I see it though…………

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