Well, there’s no really classy way to put this…

…I updated my Wish List.  I spent several hours mucking about with it; more accurately, I spent twenty minutes mucking about with it and two hours trying to come up with a deniable way of being all cool and going Oh, hey, I updated my Wish List and everything without it looking like some sort of crass banging-the-drum thing.  Which is pathetic, because it is a crass banging-the-drum thing.  And there’s nothing wrong with that: I mean, you’re all welcome to ignore it.

Anyway.  That book Lost States (about “states that never were”) looks interesting; I probably will pick that up at some point.  Eventually.

7 thoughts on “Well, there’s no really classy way to put this…”

  1. I think we should add some “lost states” in Texas, Oklahoma and Utah so we can beef up our numbers in the Senate.

    Really Rhode Island has too much influence.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with being a capitalist. Other conservative bloggers post lines like ‘Hit The Freakin’ Tip Jar’ often, and there’s nothing wrong with that either.

  3. Regarding Lost States: have you watched the show on the History Channel (or its alt, H2) _How The States Got Their Shapes_? The recent ones have gotten a bit far afield but the first couple of seasons had a number of really good episodes that mostly covered the same territory.

  4. “Frontier legend Daniel Boone once proposed a state of Transylvania in the Appalachian wilderness”

    Well, that explains Transylvania University, one time home of my favorite colonial-era oddball, Constantine Samuel Raffinesque-Schmalz.

  5. A Kindle Fire? Did you wife steal your iPad? My wife stole my first iPad, bought originally for us to share, then I got glared at when I went to use it. Ofcourse, now I share mine with the kids.

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