Anna Wintour to be next UK Ambassador?

So gossips the Hill – no, I didn’t know that the Hill had a gossip column, either, although it makes perfect sense when you think about it:

Chief of Protocol Capricia Marshall, who’s often noted for her high-end, impeccable fashions, could soon have some competition in the diplomatic style department if a report that President Obama is considering Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintourfor an ambassador post is true.

The commander in chief is mulling whether to appoint Wintour, one of his biggest reelection campaign fundraising bundlers, as ambassador to the United Kingdom or France, according to Bloomberg News’s Hans Nichols.

…You may also be forgiven for not noting Capricia Marshall for her high-end, impeccable fashions – or, indeed, anything else; this is a glimpse into a world that is largely tangential to our own.  Their ways are not our ways.  As for Ms. Wintour: well, surely you didn’t think that the woman was willing to invite those grubby little proles into her circle if she didn’t think that she was going to get something out of the deal.  Scoring an ambassadorship?  Quite avant garde.

Via Hot Air Headlines.

Moe Lane

PS: You may safely assume that I am largely indifferent to whether Ms. Wintour gets the job or not, although I agree with HA’s comments section: if there’s a confirmation hearing, it should be a hoot.  I never believed that Barack Obama was something wondrous and special; I certainly never based my psychological well-being on believing that.  So the news that he’s… not some Magical Space Unicorn President… doesn’t particularly alarm me.  If it does to anybody reading this… :shrug: This is what you ordered, so clean your plate.

3 thoughts on “Anna Wintour to be next UK Ambassador?”

  1. The democrat party has always been about patronage, and it always will be, qualifications for the appointment be damned. *shrug* That’s what people voted for. Got stick and marshmallows………

  2. I think she should be sent to a place where her close personal connections to the local power players could come in handy during a dangerous time. The embassy in Damascus is still open, isn’t it?

  3. What further evidence could someone need to prove that Barack Obama despises the British?

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