The words ‘Incredibly daunting’ come to mind…

…the webhost that, um, hosts 95% of my pre-politics amateur roleplaying-game material is apparently belly-up at the top of the goldfish bowl right now.  Maybe it will fix itself, maybe it won’t; but dear GOD but putting those files up somewhere else is going to be Hellish (pardon the pun).

Unless I can maybe convert the files into PDFs?  Still a blessed amount of work, but it would be easier to move around.  What’s good software to use for that? – I’m looking for something where I can do some layout, sidebars, maybe some artwork if I can find anything appropriate and public domain.

5 thoughts on “The words ‘Incredibly daunting’ come to mind…”

  1. I have a Godaddy page still, I”m pretty sure. If it’s in a format that y ou could send it to me, I can try putting it up there. Mostly, I’d like copiese of some of it myself, for a cmpaign that I’m planning 🙂

    1. You could go old-school and start ’em on the Choose Your Own Adventures, although I haven’t really looked at those in years and don’t even know if they’re still being written.

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