Ladies and gentlemen: may I introduce his Indifferency President Barack Obama!

Tood Purdum of Vanity Fair wonders why President Obama does not, to use Hot Air‘s term, schmooze:

Breaking with the longstanding practice of recent First Families, the Obamas do not actually greet their guests at every party. The press and members of Congress are among those who get a photo op; most others do not.

And this is a problem.

This president is not a misanthrope, exactly. But neither is he what we used to call in the 70s “a people person.” He has all the friends he thinks he’ll ever need, is not interested in making new ones, has limited time for the grip and grin that is the lifeblood of retail politics, and is almost certainly the most introverted president of modern times.

And that’s why I am not as worried about Obama’s second term as some; I’ve seen his first term, you see.  The major difference between that one and this one is that his own party had a vested interest in playing nice with the man running for re-election; but now that it’s clear that Barack Obama does not like other people very much, has no interest in stumping for his own side’s candidate, and simply does not like to exert any effort beyond the bare minimum: well.  He wants to play aloof, then Harry Reid will happily become the most important Democrat in Washington DC by default.

And if you think that Obama’s detachment is bad now, wait until the jockeying to be the next Democratic Presidential candidate starts*.

Moe Lane

*I somehow suspect that the Democrats will end up not nominating Joe Biden, much to Joe Biden’s eventual surprise.


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