Maxine Waters to be… Ranking Member on Financial Services.

I kind of feel for Megan McArdle, here; the woman clearly wants to live in a world where both American political parties are serious-minded about the debt, our ongoing fiscal crisis, and the economy in general. Heck, so would I. Unfortunately, we instead live in a world where the Democratic party thinks that it’s a good idea for Maxine Waters to be the Financial Services Committee Ranking Member. This is an… alarming thought, although for right now it’s merely an opportunity for people to show as much disapproval as they personally dare*.

Megan then tries to reach for a silver lining, and discovers that it’s actually molten steel:

The best hope is that this is entirely symbolic, and they figure it’s safe to make her the senior member as long as she won’t actually be in charge of anything. But having put her in a highly visible slot, it will be very difficult to dislodge her in the event that the Democrats retake the house, and Maxine Waters is expected to actually architect new legislation concerning the financial system. And even typing those words strikes terror into my heart.

Well, that’s what happens when people simply unquestionably ACCEPT the word of Democrats that they’re serious-minded people when it comes to the economy. Free hint: serious-minded people would have submitted a budget in the Senate by now.

Moe Lane

*I’ll dare pretty much: Maxine Waters is an embarrassment to both the Democratic party and the African-American community.  You could replace her with a ventriloquist’s dummy and the replacement would do a better job for its constituents; you have to be alive and arguably sentient to start babbling about Secret Banker Conspiracies (which may actually be secret Jewish banker conspiracies, but never mind that right now).  Still, Maxine Waters votes for whatever Nancy Pelosi wants her to vote, so I suppose that’s all that she’s there for.

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  1. You know, Maxine Waters is really a national treasure. The Democratic Party ought to be very proud of her.
    We should do our very best to spotlight this exemplary public servant, and to make the public better aware of what she does and what she believes.

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