QotD, It Makes Your Head Hurt If You Think About It Too Much edition.

Matt Welch (via Hot Air Headlines) sounds like he’s about one more shot of cognitive dissonance away from a three-day bender*:

Well into the third year of the weakest economic recovery since at least the mid-19th century, less than two months before the U.S. government was scheduled to plunge off a “fiscal cliff,” an American public deeply and rightly dissatisfied with the economic and political status quo voted to lock it into place.

Then again, 2012 was… bizarre. I was going to make a convoluted joke about Obama and his indifference towards the down-ticket races, but it was taking more than sixty seconds to write, which means that it wouldn’t have been funny, anyway.  Suffice it to say: the Democrats are going to end up bitterly resenting Obama’s callous decision to not take House Democrats along for his seven point ride.  If they had taken back the House – but then, perhaps Barack Obama actually did learn a lesson from 2008: to wit, never let the Democrats control two branches of government at the same time…

Moe Lane

*Not really, but that joke I let stick around.

8 thoughts on “QotD, It Makes Your Head Hurt If You Think About It Too Much edition.”

        1. You are freaking me out.

          Ok. If we let it burn. Do we just roll up like insects and wait for the storm to pass or do we continue to advocate conservative policies and point out the falsehoods of liberal good intentions.

          BTW, anyone know anything about local wage theft ordinances. We are about to pass one, and to hear our county commission talk they are of course “concerned about regulations on business”, but nevertheless fully believe that all small businessmen are out to cheat people.

          1. What else can we say? Seriously. The people of this country have spoken, and they spoke up for free stuff. They want to believe they can have government provided everything, and low taxes and a burgeoning economy. The politicians are willing to stroke that belief (and tax future generations for untold trillions) to stay in power. Reality is going to have to smack the electorate upside the head with a two by four before the lesson is learned.
            I’m out of ideas. I’m also out of work, out of money and out of hope that anything is going to improve in the next three years. Oh, yeah, and I’m out of the will to keep slaving away to pay for a medical system in which my money will be used to support untold numbers of bureaucrats, but very little actual care.
            Let it burn.

          2. Don’t freak out. Advocate. Work *locally*, though .. and by “work”, get some dirt under your claws.
            That way, when it’s time to rebuild, we’ll know and be known.

          3. That’s the thing acat. I am still working. Mostly local issues believe it or not. It is really interesting to see these community organizers in action and distressing to hear the class warfare and implicit accusations of racism from local political leaders.

            I know I am going to lose about every fight I go into here, but I still want to do it because I see some merit to getting the truth out there.

            But reading some of this stuff makes me want to just give up and read a book.

          4. The people have become convinced they can vote themselves bread and circuses, earlgrey.
            They must be .. disabused of this notion.
            Some will not give it up easily… like a bully, they must be firmly told “No”, and with enough of a believable threat to back it up.

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