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  1. It’s going to suck.
    Jackson already established that he’s got a tin ear for the source material. I already watched him desecrate the LoTR. No way am I going to willingly sit there and watch him doing the same to my childhood favorite.
    Radagast, Sauroman, and Galadriel are showing up in “The Hobbit”. Pretty much all you need to know, right there. Shades of Arwen, Helm’s Deep, ad nauseum.

    1. Arwen wasn’t at Helm’s Deep; that idea was floated but nixed.

      It’s only fair that Radagast gets to be in The Hobbit movie, since he was in the LotR book but didn’t make the movie. Presumably they’re going to show the wizard battle against the Necromancer, which is mentioned but not detailed. I’m fine with that, and my name comes from Tolkien.

  2. Moe, from what I saw from the clips, I don’t think you need to worry. The closest I’ve heard to negative criticism from someone not horribly biased was that it might only be very good instead of great.

  3. The reviews I read said it was really slow and over-long unless you are a huge Tolkein fan, to which I said, “perfect!” I thought the longer, director’s cuts for LoTR were way better than the theatrical releases, so I think I’ll be fine.

  4. I never said Arwen was at Helm’s Deep in the movie. Celeborn and the elves of Lothlorian were. They didn’t belong there. They weren’t *quite* as out of place as dwarf tossing and shield surfing.

    (They really considered including Arwen at Helm’s Deep? That’s horrifying.)

    1. That was actually Haldir, who had an extended part in the movie. Wikipedia has it as him replacing the Ranger Halbarad, which is true enough, except that Halbarad of course died at the Battle of Pelennor Fields. So it all isn’t THAT bad.

    2. There were Elves in the book that were part of the group of Rangers that joined up with Aragorn somewhere in The Two Towers, before the Battle of Helm’s Deep.

      So no, it’s not out of place for there to be Elves at Helm’s Deep. What was out of place was that they all died there.

  5. Moe: saw Hobbit 1 at a midnight showing. You have absolutely nothing to fear. Go forth and enjoy.

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