I am unilaterally declaring today to be a No Huhu Wednesday.

For those wondering, it’s a Hawaiian term by way of Bob Heinlein: semantically equivalent to ‘no worries, mate’ – which is also foreign (Australian) slang, or at least semi-foreign (it gets tricky when you try to define the Anglosphere)… where was I?

Right.  It’s two weeks before freaking Christmas and the average tension level across the blogosphere is so high that it’s oscillating under the strain.  So I’m going to deliberately not be stressful here on MoeLane.com today.  Light and fluffy, or at least less of the running and the shouting and the screaming and the smoke and the rampaging army ants and whatnot.  So: cheerful videos, probably.  Blasts from the past, and so forth.

Starting up: remember this one?


The Great Grand Rapids, Michigan LipDub Video.  If that doesn’t make you smile… well, watch it again, I guess.

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