“Pacific Rim” trailer.

I THINK somebody tried to flag me about this the other day, but I can’t find where.  Anyway, (via email), THIS HITS MY GEEK BUTTONS:

GIANT MECHA VERSUS CTHULHU.  …Or maybe it’s just Dagon and the other Greater Deep Ones*.  Either way, it’s going to be AWESOME. Unless it SUCKS.  But there’s no middle ground.

Moe Lane

*It could very well be.  Guillermo del Toro directed it, and he used as much Lovecraft as he could in Hellboy.  The ‘portal between dimensions in the Pacific Ocean’ bit looks as promising as all hell…

9 thoughts on ““Pacific Rim” trailer.”

  1. Nothing in the trailer leapt out at me as Mythos-ish, but GIANT FRICKIN’ ROBOTS VS GIANT FRICKIN’ SPACE MONSTERS works, too…I’m ecumenical, that way.
    Nice to see some American flags, NASA logos, etc. in there…although I assume it’s not just us fighting The Alien Menace, it’s not the BS “United Earth Police” or what have you that always seems to take point in bad anime, of which this seems to be the live-action version.

  2. Should have just hired Bill Pulman for that speech at the end, sounded just like ID4. Otherwise Moe, Transformers meets Godzilla.

  3. If we have to have an Apocalypse… I want this one! WANT!

    @spegan: Transformers meets Godzilla could be horrible, but it might just be Awesome!

  4. And yes, that really is GLaDOS that you heard. Same voice actress, same software modulation of her voice.
    Yeah, I gotta see this one. It’ll either be awesome or horrible in a a fun, campy, way.

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