End of Honeymoon: Pat Leahy wants clarification on federal marijuana rules.

(H/T: Instapundit) What an excellent inquiry, Senator Leahy:

Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick J. Leahy is asking the Obama administration to clarify its position on the recreational use of marijuana, which two states legalized by referendum Nov. 6 but remains illegal under federal law.

…he already knows the answer, of course: the Obama’s administration’s position on all of this Reefer Madness is to cower in a corner and saying LALALA until things are better.  But Leahy’s constituents are moving ahead with legalizing pot in Vermont, so you can understand why the man wanted a clarification… what’s that?  Why is Senator Leahy calling the administration out publicly on this?  Aren’t they all Democrats, there?

Why, bless his heart, but President Obama isn’t ever going to run for anything, ever again.  Pat Leahy is going to be Senator for Vermont for probably the rest of his life. Vermont isn’t going to see a Republican comeback any time soon.  So there’s no reason why Leahy can’t make life difficult for that prima donna in the White House.  And there isn’t a darn thing that Obama can do to Leahy back.

…Or were people laboring under the delusion that the ‘lame duck’ phenomenon wouldn’t apply to Barack Obama, for some reason?  Well, that’s just silly.

Moe Lane

One thought on “End of Honeymoon: Pat Leahy wants clarification on federal marijuana rules.”

  1. Well of *course* ol’ Leaky wants clarification!
    He wants to preserve the illusion that Dems are pro-weed!
    (at least long enough to get re-elected… (he’s 72, and while he’s apparently healthy (unlike, say, Plugs Biden) “senator-for-life” is still an ever-shrinking duration)

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