Evil exists.

I’m sorry, but it does.  And evil doesn’t care whether you object to its existence, or not.  I wish that it did, too.

9 thoughts on “Evil exists.”

  1. Pray for the families of those slain. May they receive comfort for their sorrow and justice for their loss.

  2. You can’t negotiate away evil. People who wish to do evil will find a way.
    Prayers go out to those affected that the Lord comfort them.

  3. ‘Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.’ Buddha

    I wish I knew that word right now. I think I’ll just hug my kid and husband.

    1. A hug is worth at least a couple words, lourae.
      I know junior cat is getting a hug when he gets off work, whether he says he’s too old for it or not.

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