Obama nixes any thought of ending the medical devices Obamacare tax. Shock. Surprise…

You have to wonder what the interviewer THOUGHT that the President was going to say:

Frank Vascellaro, WCCO TV:  “Senators Klobuchar and Franken are trying to delay and actually repeal part of the medical devices tax, which has a huge impact on Minnesota companies. Would you be willing to see that delayed?”

President Obama: “Uh, no.”

…Seriously? I mean, as Americans for Tax Reform noted here the Senators in question all voted for Obamacare, and the Senators-Elect would have, too (Donnelly voted for it when he was in the House).  They approved the medical devices tax.  It’s built into this monstrosity of a health care rationing system.  It’s a little late for them to be complaining about it now.


I mean, I don’t even like Barack Obama – I certainly don’t think that adding a tax to something is going to be the revenue-enhancer that the President apparently always expects it to be; such things never are – and I agree with his initial reaction.  Didn’t these people think about their votes? …Oh, right, they didn’t.  Well, this is why people have to think about their votes.  Because their constituents will be, in their next election…

Moe Lane

5 thoughts on “Obama nixes any thought of ending the medical devices Obamacare tax. Shock. Surprise…”

  1. The unintended consequences for not reading and debating obamacare before passing it will more than likely cause some dims to lose elections in 2014 and 2016.

    1. We can hope, Old Man. We can hope.
      Of course, we can also work our tails off to ensure it happens …

    2. Don’t worry, the Accomplice Media will inform the public that it’s all the fault of those obstructionist Republican thugs. You know, those nasty guys who hate poor people, sick people, black people, brown people, and women people. Because it’s their fault that Congress passes bills it doesn’t read and hasn’t passed a budget in three years.

  2. Increases in the price of medical devices will not be attributed to Obamacare. It will be caused by the greed of the manufacturers. There is no way the press will allow ANYTHING bad to be hung on Obamacare (unless they can use it as an argument for total nationalization of the medical industry and enslavement of medical professionals, er “single payer”).

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