Just finished “Fire Season”…

…which, truth be told, I’m reading despite the fact that Fire Season (The Star Kingdom) is Young Adult: it’s perfectly well-written, but I’m not entirely convinced that science fiction YA is the way to go to hook new readers.  When I was a teenager I was reading the hard stuff… still, it’s part of David Weber’s Honorverse, so there you go.

More interesting, in its way, is that it looks like Baen Books‘ new arrangement with Amazon works out to: ten bucks for ‘hardcover;’ seven bucks for ‘softcover;’ and no change in ARC availability/price.  Obviously, I’m going to miss the old six/four buck model; but this looks sustainable, and it’s still a good deal more reasonable than the other publishers’ God-we-hate-ebooks-and-want-them-to-die-in-a-grease-fire pricing model.  Which may change, if Amazon can show them numbers showing the advantages of pricing your e-books to reflect the fact that you don’t have to actually print them out to sell them.

Moe Lane

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  1. So any books they don’t have the rights to sell on Amazon will still be at the $4/$6 model, and FWIW if you want the monthly bundles, you can still get them for eighteen bucks, you just have to buy them ahead of time. Ahead of time being before the fifteenth of the prior month, so you could buy the February bundle right now, up until January fifteenth.

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