Seven days until Christmas…

…and what do you want under your tree?


Gimme a break, I’m running on vapors at this point.  December during a lame-duck year is hell on political reporting; right now the big question in Dizzy City is How many politicians are going to completely reverse their previous positions on fiscal policy*? There’s going to be no more real action for another three weeks, and I’m running out of stuff.

Moe Lane

*The answer is, of course, All of them.  Welcome to Washington, DC: here’s your accordion.

3 thoughts on “Seven days until Christmas…”

  1. Firearms, ammunition, a rototiller, and piles of games.

    My wife is excited about the gift she got me, which strongly implies “none of the above” is what I’ll be receiving.

  2. Yeah, I’m seriously considering getting myself an M1A or another load of ammo.

    Hey, I’m single. I buy myself Christmas presents and get my parents Internet access for the year.

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