Testing out the gallery link function.

Below are some pictures of the very nifty HP Lovecraft Dreamlands map that I got delivered to me this morning. Let me know if this breaks the site any.

Moe Lane

PS: No, I don’t know where I’m putting it, either. Negotiations with my better half have not yet even commenced, let alone concluded.

5 thoughts on “Testing out the gallery link function.”

  1. So… while we’re on site formatting issues… any way that Neal could finally change the WordPress comments display code to properly account for wp_autop() so that the line breaks get added correctly?
    Adding periods in lieu of Returns gets a bit tiresome. Also makes one look a bit… daft.

  2. Your initial posting seriously tempted me got get one of these myself.
    Problem is, I know exactly where my better half would encourage me to stick it.

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