Barack Obama goes to bat for WHITE, MALE, REPUBLICAN* Chuck Hagel. [UPDATED]

[UPDATE] It may be – probably is, in fact – that it’s the Hagel attackers who are cutting ads, not his defenders. It still looks like the Administration is going to bat for Hagel, though. Gay-baiting, and all.

Isn’t it amazing that Obama would do this for Chuck Hagel, and not, say, UN Ambassador Susan Rice? From Politico:

In an unusual move designed to deflate another public strafing like the one that wounded Susan Rice, the Obama administration is coming to the defense of a potential nominee who has not yet been chosen: former Sen. Chuck Hagel, a Republican who is the leading candidate to succeed Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, did not get a swift defense from a network of supporters around Washington when she came under fire for her initial comments about the attack in Benghazi. Hagel allies, however, are jumping to his defense at a time when critics, especially strong supporters of Israel, are attacking him on the Hill, in the press and — beginning today — in ads on cable-news stations.

Wow? TV ads? Susan Rice never got the administration to cut TV ads for her, I think. Then again, Susan Rice did make the apparently career-fatal miscalculation of being born without a penis.  And to non-white parents.  And apparently she didn’t slam Israel nearly often enough.  So I guess that it’s really her fault that Obama hung her out to dry, then?

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*…Sorta kinda not really no, actually, you can have him.

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  1. It’s not like Obama has exactly hid his sexism, with the all male golfing and lower pay for women. It’s just amazing that the feminist continue to defend him all these years, it’s like there defense of bubba during the 90s.

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