Barack Obama goes to bat for WHITE, MALE, REPUBLICAN* Chuck Hagel. [UPDATED]

[UPDATE] It may be – probably is, in fact – that it’s the Hagel attackers who are cutting ads, not his defenders. It still looks like the Administration is going to bat for Hagel, though. Gay-baiting, and all.

Isn’t it amazing that Obama would do this for Chuck Hagel, and not, say, UN Ambassador Susan Rice? From Politico:

In an unusual move designed to deflate another public strafing like the one that wounded Susan Rice, the Obama administration is coming to the defense of a potential nominee who has not yet been chosen: former Sen. Chuck Hagel, a Republican who is the leading candidate to succeed Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, did not get a swift defense from a network of supporters around Washington when she came under fire for her initial comments about the attack in Benghazi. Hagel allies, however, are jumping to his defense at a time when critics, especially strong supporters of Israel, are attacking him on the Hill, in the press and — beginning today — in ads on cable-news stations.

Wow? TV ads? Susan Rice never got the administration to cut TV ads for her, I think. Then again, Susan Rice did make the apparently career-fatal miscalculation of being born without a penis.  And to non-white parents.  And apparently she didn’t slam Israel nearly often enough.  So I guess that it’s really her fault that Obama hung her out to dry, then?

Moe Lane

*…Sorta kinda not really no, actually, you can have him.


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