I think that I’ll be on a holiday posting schedule…

…for pretty much the rest of the year. Between Christmas activities and running around, it seems least SAN-destroying. And, with any luck, nothing will happen that will require me to change that policy.

6 thoughts on “I think that I’ll be on a holiday posting schedule…”

  1. SAN as in “roll for sanity check” or SAN as in “my storage area network blew up”?
    Eh, in either case happy holidays to you and yours.

      1. And I’ve decided not to worry about the political stuff. There is exactly nothing I can do about any of it. *Shrug* The records will be there to inform my ballot in the next primary and general elections, at which point I’ll make the best choice I can based on the available candidates. Let us just say my expectations have gone through the basement and tunneled deep into the earth’s crust…..

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