So, John Kerry for SecState.

I first saw this reported by the New York Times; it was later confirmed by the President.  Well… elections have consequences, huh?  Here’s one.  And I’ll be honest: I don’t think that we can derail this nomination, particularly if we want to also derail the nomination of apparently-not-too-fond-of-teh-gays-either Chuck Hagel for Secretary of Defense.  There’s a finite amount of political capital available; some of it got spent killing the Susan Rice nomination; Kerry is merely seriously despised on one side of the aisle, while Hagel-loathing is shaping up to be more bipartisan; and if we pop Kerry out of that seat we could very well replace him with a Republican – and don’t undervalue that: Scott Brown stays bought.

Yeah, I know.  I’d love to torpedo this one, too.  But we’re on a budget, here.

Moe Lane


  • Spegen says:

    Let them have Kerry, can’t be any worse than Obamas FP is already. Plus: out of the Senate and probably out of public life in 4 years, I doubt the Dems would nominate him for Pres again.

  • Skip says:

    Agreed with @Spegen – Obama’s simply not going to nominate an actual acceptable adult, or if he did, it would be a first for his cabinet. JF’inKerry at least will provide the opportunity for some interesting questions in comittee, stuff like, “Do you think it appropriate for an admitted war-criminal to be SecState?”

    Of course, the odds of any of the senate RINOs asking this are basically zero, but one can hope.

  • Jack_Savage says:

    Since Kerry had plastic surgery to get his eyes tightened and jaw re-aligned – at age 70, no less – we can’t help but support him.

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