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Simply… this.  There are, in fact, ten amendments in the Bill of Rights, and they’re all in there for a reason. I despise gun-grabbers intensely; but neither am I particularly impressed by people who seem to labor under the mistaken belief that the First Amendment does not protect the Second as thoroughly as the Second Amendment protects the First.

And this isn’t the first time that this has happened, either.

5 thoughts on “…This.”

  1. I’m a bit more puzzled than normal because the link just shows the comic. Was there something on Penny Arcade about guns?

    1. The comic’s a reference to the NRA’s decision Friday to throw “violent video games” to the Media while it made its escape. We’ve had that problem with the NRA in the past, which is one major reason why I’m not a member: I’m a bit more inclusive when it comes to the Bill of Rights.

      1. Hm. I must be missing the reference since I’m just seeing it as a joke about using violence to get off the naughty list.
        In agreement with you though. Censorship is not the answer any more than going after law-abiding gun owners. I’d rather err on the side of individual rights on this topic.

        1. Yeah, the link isn’t working right. After you get to Penny Arcade click on the ‘new’ button and you’ll see the strawman Moe is referencing.

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