So, I wanted a freaking pork roll sandwich.

For those unaware, pork roll is often referred to as “Taylor ham,” and a sandwich made of it, cheese, pepper, salt, sometimes ketchup, and sometimes egg – all on a hard roll – is a New Jersey delicacy. There are two things that you can’t really get outside of NJ: proper pizza* and a proper pork roll sandwich. I always get both, whenever I’m up here.

FIVE stores in THREE towns before I could find one that took credit cards. I have spent far too long living in the Imperial District…

Moe Lane

*I am perfectly willing to grant that someone from, say, Chicago has a completely different definition of “proper pizza” than I do.

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  1. In re: asterisked:
    Fold it in half lengthwise and eat straight-on, like a proper mensch, or droop it and eat from below?
    (Hint: there’s only one right answer.)

        1. Except a Chicago Stuffed sausage pizza.

          My cousin, Jerry Freeman, ran Gulliver’s Pizza in Skokie for many decades. Great Pizza, Great Victorian Statuary. RIP, Jerry.

  2. So I saw a bag of this in the ‘gourmet sandwich meats’ section of the local grocery store a few years ago, marked down because evidently nobody in Dallas had any idea what to do with sack bologna. Bought it even though I really didn’t have an idea either. I ended up mostly just pan-frying slices in either butter or bacon grease for breakfast, but it would have been reasonably tasty on a bagel I guess.

  3. As someone who spent enough of his childhood visting family in Jersey to get hooked on Taylor ham, but who’s lived all the rest of said life too far west or south to have it on a consistent basis, I feel ya. Praise God for my local (Denver area) Air Force commissary…must have a Jersey dude running the deli section.

    1. I have never had it. But I will get by remembering the jamon Iberico I used to eat at every tapas bar in Spain.

      I am not going to say jamon iberico is better than all other porcine cuisine………………..but it is 🙂

  4. I haven’t had a pork roll and cheese sandwich for a long time. The pork roll used in NJ is Taylor porkroll. Made in Trenton, NJ. The sandwich has to be made using a kaiser roll.

  5. Well said Moe. You are making me hungry. I love New Jersey pizza and pork roll (the more I can get consumers off beef the better).

    Another New Jersey breakfast treat was a fresh kaiser roll with butter. Simple, but you do not see it elsewhere.

    1. Depends on how hungry you are.

      That thing Acat linked to looked pretty damn good, and it also looked like it could be used to anchor a ship.

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