OK, I’m back: what’s the news on the fiscal cliff?

ahh.  The gasoline has been poured over the piles of old newspaper, plywood, and tar-soaked straw; the piles of flour have been fully dispersed into the air by the jets of pure oxygen; several crates of old nitroglycerin have been stacked precariously upon each other; and now various members of Congress are absently patting themselves down, in order to try to find a match.


12 thoughts on “OK, I’m back: what’s the news on the fiscal cliff?”

  1. The story about how shocked New Yorkers are to find out how much more they’ll be paying is great, sorry no link, I’ll see if I can find it again.

  2. I would think that flour would autoignite if dispersed in pure oxygen. *Thinks about the chemistry* I guess maybe it would also be a function of partial pressure, and not just purity?

    As for the meat of things, I’m too stupid to understand or predict all this budget wrangling. I cannot say, at this time, whether it will have a good or bad outcome.

    All I know is that I’m reading a biography of Gaius Julius Caesar, the famous one, and that I’m finding portions of it very uncomfortable reading.

  3. The only good outcome was squandered by the gutless D.C. wing of thr GOP back in 2010 .. Boehner wanted to be in charge and pushed aside Tea Party initiatives to some mistaken idea of compromise.
    Let it all burn. Ash is good for the soil.

  4. I’m wondering if a lot of this fiscal cliff fear is silly Keysenian economics: government cuts causing a recession? No, higher tax rates and regulation paralysis cause recessions, not cuts in government spending. Course, we’ll get both, so the fact that the media is blaming cuts in gov’t spending is instructive.

    1. The only thing worse is to keep the tax rates temporary and kick that can down the road. Along with regulation paralysis, ambiguity cuts into any real long term planning.

    1. Thanks to Bloomberg, only the miniature ones will be allowed.
      And California has determined that marshmallow ash is a carcinogen when fed to cancer-prone rats by the kilo, so you won’t be allowed to let yours catch fire. If it happens by accident, a Hazmat team will be on hand to properly dispose of the waste.
      On the plus side, everyone gets a free compact-flourescent bulb!

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