If you’re following the fiscal cliff sh*t sandwich…

…and I’m not, particularly – anyway: Hot Air is covering this pretty obsessively.  Possibly too obsessively for their long-term mental health, but that’s their call, not mine.  Everybody’s got their own breaking strain.

One piece of advice, though? – If you’re getting to the point that you can’t see straight (or are there already), now is an excellent time to turn off the computer, eat a sandwich, have a nap, and disengage until you can center your chi energy, or whatever.  If you’re not thinking clearly, then almost by definition you’re not operating optimally.  Seriously.  Take a breathing exercise,  or something; you’re no good to anybody all tangled up inside, including (not incidentally at all) yourself.

Moe Lane

PS: I’m sure that there are a lot of good reasons why you should keep yourself redlined.  No doubt.  Now go disengage anyway.

10 thoughts on “If you’re following the fiscal cliff sh*t sandwich…”

  1. Well that was my plan until my apolitical husband brought it up while I was enjoying activity book time with my kids. Thanks for the sanity reminder.

    1. there is something inherently wrong with people of good character and real responsibilities spending so much time worrying about the actions of those of bad character and the most superficial of personas.

  2. I was hoping to be obsessing about Lions football after the election, but that didn’t go as hoped. Instead it’s back to mock drafts

  3. Stanford won the Rose Bowl, I successfully made my first panna cotta from scratch, and I enjoyed a movie with my daughter. All in all, not a bad day.

  4. Since the election, this is the only vaguely political site I go to, and that’s thanks to the nerd content – so no, I’m not following it. Thank God. Maybe I’ll come up for air in time for the midterm elections, we’ll see.

  5. My excuse is that I had the flu from 12/30-1/1. I don’t want to make things worse by following this too closely. And I should avoid following it too closely for at least a few months.

  6. Does this mean we can get rid of Boehner as speaker? probably not. Would Cantor be any better? probably not.

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