Just finished “Resume With Monsters.”

Resume With Monsters is either a). a book about one man’s fight against soul-destroying Lovecraftian Elder Gods (operating in our world via the vector of a soulless, faceless corporate culture) that wish to drive the world mad; or b) a book about one man’s fight to keep his soul from being destroyed by a soulless, faceless corporate culture, via the vector of reimagining the whole thing in terms of mad Elder Gods.  You spend pretty much the whole book trying to figure out which version author William Spencer ‘wanted’ you to pick, before you realize at the end that he’d be just as happy if you picked either, or indeed both.

I liked it: there’s an unfortunate 1990s vibe to the thing, perhaps, but it’s rescued by Spencer’s recognizably legitimate fondness for the Cthulhu Mythos.  Ken Hite recommended it in his starkly essential Cthulhu 101, and I’m glad that I went to the trouble of tracking it down.

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    1. Mostly because there isn’t a faint haze of counter-terrorism protocols hanging over everything. Some of the casual assumptions made back then about proper security procedures ring very… oddly… to contemporary ears.

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