Rooting For Injuries Watch: Barney Frank slams Chuck Hagel.

Let us segue away from the disappointment which is contemporary American fiscal policy to something a good deal more enjoyable: to wit, kneeing the White House’s prospective Cabinet picks in their (metaphorical) groins.  Latest up?  Chuck Hagel, come on down!

Outgoing Rep. Barney Frank Monday denounced the idea of former Sen. Chuck Hagel being considered for secretary of defense, arguing the Nebraska conservative has demonstrated a clear pattern of bigotry and and a track record of being “against fairness for LGBT people.”

Via Hot Air Headlines.  There’s a rumor out there that Barney Frank’s being considered for a Senate caretaker gig for Massachusetts if Kerry gets the nod for SecState, and goodness knows that Frank (a man I quite cordially despise) isn’t shy about stating his opinion.  However, this is still a pretty open break.  I wonder how much longer Hagel will last? – Particularly, now that the aforementioned American fiscal disappointment is on the verge of going on the back burner…