Tim Geithner reportedly about to cut and run from Treasury.

Reportedly by the end of the month, no matter WHAT happens.  The Mayan apocalypse could occur* and Timothy Geithner would still be (allegedly) gone.  More importantly, the fiscal situation could be triggering an epic governmental meltdown and Geithner would still be leaving vapor trails.  Ach, the lack of loyalty from this administration’s Cabinet-level appointees!

…Well, as above: so below.

Anyway, now for the big question.  Actually, now to the two big questions.  The first question is, What completely unacceptable and dangerously incompetent apparatchik will Barack Obama try to foist off on us?  And the second question is, Who will we actually end up with, once enough people gently explain to Barack Obama that he can’t have whoever his first choice is?

…What? Susan Rice and Chuck Hagel both justify that response, frankly.  And we haven’t even seen yet whoever is supposed to replace Energy Secretary Chu and EPA head Jackson.

Moe Lane

*Did anybody ever look into whether Gregorian calendar reform might have had an effect on the date on that?  Or the chronological oddity that Jesus Christ was probably born some time around 4 BC**?

**Doing math using Roman numerals is HARD.

5 thoughts on “Tim Geithner reportedly about to cut and run from Treasury.”

  1. Geithner understands a lot more of what’s going on than O’bama ever will I have to ask the question “Does he see something coming that O’bama doesnt”?

    1. I do not buy Geitner as wunderkind… Not because he didn’t pay his own taxes but because he missed quite a bit when he was one of the fiscal hot shots looking at Asia a decade or so ago.
      I will buy that he can see something Obama doesn’t, but that is a much lower bar.
      I will take this self-inflicted wound by Team Obama for what it is, an opportunity for a fiscally competent Senator to ask some pointed questions.

      1. Isn’t “fiscaly competent Senator” an oxy-moron? I wasn’t aware there was any such animal.

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