“Why is my paycheck less this week?”

Hey, if Twitchy can get that happy SEO-action, so can I.

Anyway, the answer to the question “Why is my paycheck less this week?” is simple: the payroll tax cut finally expired, mostly because the Democrats had no intention of letting THAT one stick around and the GOP didn’t have the leverage to make it permanent like it did the cuts to under-$400K taxpayers and the AMT fixed-once-and-for-all.  Hijinks are even now ensuing, as people discover that the only good tax cut is a permanent tax cut.

Hey, but look on the bright side!  All those Democrats in the executive branch are still there to be very proactive when it comes to the plight of the poor.  They have to be; after all, it’s in their best long-term interests if there’s as many poor people as possible to watch over…

7 thoughts on ““Why is my paycheck less this week?””

  1. I believe the left is spinning it as, the eee-eevil Republicans wouldn’t go for the extension so the Dems compromised and allowed it to go away, knowing they couldn’t get everything they wanted. That’s what NPR was reporting yesterday and what I saw in those Democratic Underground comment thread. I don’t know which version is true, but, cutting the social security tax was probably bad policy to begin with unless it’s attached to actual reforms of the social security system. Or, maybe it was genius and falls in line with the “Starve the Beast” tax strategy. Can’t decide. I just know, being in my lower 30’s, I don’t expect to ever see a dime of social security.

    1. Heh. I’m older’n you by a decade or so, jbird, and *I’m* not planning on seeing a dime from social security.

  2. Since I know that conservative types will be blamed anyways, I’ll just smile, nod agreeably and save as much money as I possibly can.
    And as for the sounds of suffering from people getting mugged by reality? I’m gonna record that with a good techno beat and sell it on Amazon.

  3. Trouble is that tax rates are only “permanent” until the next time they decide to change them…

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