Is there a word for mistakingly believing that you own something…

…when you don’t? – Because I just spent twenty minutes taking the basement apart trying to track down my CD of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, only to discover that I actually only ever owned it on cassette.  And at that I didn’t find the actual tape.  Not that I own a tape deck anyway.

Well, add it to the list, I guess.

10 thoughts on “Is there a word for mistakingly believing that you own something…”

  1. Misunderownership?

    Seriously, though, your memories of “The Wall” trump actually listening to it again. A couple of good tracks but, ugh. Such a whiny self indulgent album.

  2. Heh. I know exactly what you mean. I have spent hours digging through boxes looking for the widget that I remember buying ..
    Used to really piss me off, but now I try to just give up, order another one from Amazon, and if the first one shows up, donate one.

  3. Democrat


    I’ve read a bit about agrarian laws in the late Roman Republic lately.

  4. What? you don’t have it on vinyl? I am almost disappointed except that I don’t really care, most of the progressive rock of the 70s like the “progressive” politicians of today are overrated.

    1. Rush.
      Not overrated, and as a bonus, some subtle Ayn Rand references, if you look.
      The rest, yeah. Overrated. That’s how it goes, though ..

  5. As someone who hits a lot of thrift stores to add to his already-huge game collection, I have the opposite problem: forgetting I already own things. I think my collection of DUPLICATES of games is getting out of hand.

    1. I used to have that problem .. not with video games, but with other collectibles.
      I finally stuck a list of all the items I already own on my Palm Pilot and consulted it before buying any more.
      Don’t have the Palm, still have the list.

    2. I discovered recently that I have three copies of the same miniature, one not really suitable for building a “unit” from.

  6. English isn’t German — we don’t have to have a single word for every concept, especially one which sounds like a man dropping a load of pots down a stairwell.

    That said, if I *had* to come up with a single word, I’d probably go with the more generic “brainfart”.

    May I suggest that instead of the original Pink Floyd version, you go in search of Rebuild The Wall, by Luther Wright and the Wrongs. It’s a bluegrass re-imagining of the album, which ought to fit in nicely with your sense of humor, I think.

  7. Heh. Not only do I own the studio album, I also own the live album and the movie.

    Oh, and the proper Pink Floyd album to diss is The Final Cut, which I call the first Roger Waters solo album.

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