Today’s ‘Chuck Hagel And Progressives’ Moment: Hagel’s hardcore pro-life stance.

My measured, civilized, adult reaction to Buzzfeed’s reminder to the progressive Left that Chuck Hagel opposes abortion even for cases of rape and/or incest:

I’m not laughing at the question itself: that’s one of the thornier ones for pro-lifers. What I AM laughing at is this: either Chuck Hagel is going to have to crawl on his belly like a dog for this, or progressive Lefties will.  Either way, from a partisan Republican viewpoint I am in fact going to end up amused.

Moe Lane

PS: You know, under George W Bush I very rarely had to grin and bear it, the way that progressives have to under Barack Obama.  I wonder why that is? …Oh, right, they have no self-respect, and the REAL Democrats know it.