I do not say that Jack Lew’s signature disqualifies him for Treasury Secretary.

I am saying that it’s… well, look.


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Seriously?  When New York Magazine says that something is a problem for a Democrat, then something is a problem for a Democrat.  That’s maybe going to go on our dollar bills if we’re not careful… or if Jack Lew doesn’t learn how to write his name out legibly.  I suggest some emergency Palmer penmanship therapy.

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Moe Lane (crosspost)

PS: Yes, I know, I know: this is an absurd thing to judge a Treasury Secretary nominee on.  But… dear God, look at it again.


That is going to be op-ed fodder for the next four years, if Jack Lew is confirmed as Treasury Secretary and does not learn how to write his name out in the intervening period.  That is a softball that is going to be lobbed at the editorial cartoonists.  And it’s a fixable problem.

PPS: Annnnd the Washington Post uses this opportunity to compare Jack Lew’s ‘loopy’ signature to… Lady Diana’s.


This will not end well.

10 thoughts on “I do not say that Jack Lew’s signature disqualifies him for Treasury Secretary.”

  1. I have never understood this “illegible signature” …thing people have. I sign my signature very legible and one time someone commented that I had an odd signature. I asked them how so. He showed me his signature and with a few stocks, gave me something that look like a elektrokardiogramm.

    1. mine became illsgible when I had a job where I signed for things all the time. Switching to a scribble saved me precious seconds.

    2. Well .. the goal, Gator, is for it to be identifiable *and* unique .. hard for someone else to do on the fly.
      Mine qualifies – the first letter is recognizable, the rest goes quite wrong…
      Makes it *very* easy to see where someone else has signed things for me, eh?
      … not that the pfy behind the counter actually *checks* my signature very often …

  2. My cursive writing was always horrible (in 5th grade I got an E in handwriting; E = failing work but it’s the best you can do), so it should shock no one that my signature has been a semi-random illegible scrawl for decades now. It still (usually) looks better than Lew’s, though.

  3. That is perfect signature for Obama’s Secretary of the Treasury. By the time they get finished, that will be the number of zeros needed to be added to a dollar to buy a loaf of bread.

  4. When asked for a response to criticism of his signature, Mr. Lew replied “Goo … gooo!”

  5. Eh, I think it’s fine. Better than just an X anyway. Are we sure he’s not just trying to get his pen to work? As an odd side note, he’s doing clockwise loops. When I try and do that it seems unnatural. Counter-clockwise loops seem right and are what I do if I’m not concentrating.

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