QotD, Start With Eric Holder, Joe Biden edition.

From the New York Times’ glum realization that no, the President has no stomach for a fight with pro-gun civil rights activists over the 2nd Amendment comes two sentences that really did deserve a directed lightning strike.

In addition to limits on high-capacity magazines and expanded background checks, Mr. Biden’s group is looking at ways of keeping guns out of the hands of the mentally ill and cracking down on sales that are already illegal. One possibility is tougher laws against straw purchasing with longer prison terms for those who buy guns for others.

Unless they work for the Obama administration, of course.  In that case there’s apparently no need for prison terms at all.

Moe Lane

PS: It must be distressing, having a President from one’s party who is also a coward.  I wouldn’t know, of course: I’m a Republican.

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  1. Mind you, even if they came up with these stricter laws, they’re still not going to enforce them in the first place. But I’m having fun watching their self-righteous fury fizzle out.

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