Just finished the Last Airbender animated series.

Martial arts with quest to save the world, yadda yadda, redeemed by excellent writing and not-stupid villainy. If you haven’t watched it yet, watch it: it’s insanely too good for Nickelodeon, and possibly animated television in general.  It’s on Netflix, but if you feel like buying it, here’s the link.  Note: I haven’t seen the live-action version, and I’ve been told by pretty much anybody not to rectify that.

One thought on “Just finished the Last Airbender animated series.”

  1. The film, honestly, is not M. Night Samalamadingdong’s worst. It’s just not as faithful to the source as it should have been, oh, and it’s boring. Still, if you want to see it anyway, there is a Rifftrax for it, which helps.

    Try the mini sequel “The Legend of Kora” next. I think the full mini series is still up on Nickelodeon’s website.

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