The obligatory ‘bipartisan Chuck Hagel groundswell ain’t happening yet’ post.

There really is something entertaining about the way that Barack Obama had to get Senator Jack Reed to try to shepherd Chuckie Hagel through the Senate confirmation process.  Reed is more or less a nonentity; I had to look him up to see if he had any distinguishing characteristics from all of the other liberal Democratic Senators.


Not really, sorry.

Anyway, check out that link for Sen. Bob Corker’s polite hint that this is going to be one of those party-line confirmation; I get the general impression from all the stuff about ‘temperament’ that folks on the Hill share in the general consensus that Chuckie Hagel was and is a bit of an ass.  It’s going to be a fun confirmation hearing, particularly when Deb Fischer gets her turn at bat…

Moe Lane

PS: I understand that ‘bipartisan’ is a marvelous buzzword and everything, but nobody – explicitly including the voting public – really sees anybody who was antiwar as being a REAL Republican.  But by all means, Democrats: support the Jew-hating homophobic no-abortion-exceptions-for-rape old white guy.  It’s not like any of us actually believe that the Left has any principles, anyway.

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  1. What’s hilarious is that people are trying to tout Colin Powell’s support of Chuck Hagel as ‘bipartisan’. These same people forget that Powell burned what remaining credibility he had on the Right supporting Obama.

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