Young people are, indeed, screwed*.

Good points, but let me partially contradict this: forget coding if you’re looking for a reliable job.  Try plumbing and/or electrician’s school.  You can’t outsource a leaky toilet and/or a burnt-out light socket**.

But only partially.  Goodness knows that it’s better than nothing, or a liberal arts degree (but I repeat myself).

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Moe Lane

*Which may be largely their fault, yes: but twenty one year old kids are nonetheless more or less expected to be… ah, lacking in judgment and crucial life experiences.  It’s the duty of the rest of society to save them from the consequences of their own… suboptimal decision-making process.

Yes, this sucks.  Many aspects of growing up do, which is why our culture currently facilitates delaying that state for as long as possible.

**Also: the way things are going demographically, by 2020 or so working class skilled laborers will also find themselves in a very enviable position when it comes to marrying above their current socioeconomic status.  Debt is one of the ultimate romance-killers, and it’s only going to get worse for young white-collar males over the rest of the decade.

3 thoughts on “Young people are, indeed, screwed*.”

  1. WAH (Work At Home)jobs also seem to be going like gangbusters at this time. A lot of them are full time and temporary positions that last for a limited period of time. I am about to embark on my fourth one since 2010 and I was also contacted by a previous employer about another position I wasn’t able to accept because I was already commmitted to this one. So if you have CS experience you might want to check it out

    1. Yep.
      Economically, makes no *sense* to hire a CS guy, build a cube farm to house him, build an infrastructure to connect him, keep him up to date on technology, etc. when you can get him to do all of it for you.
      The company just subcontract to him for a time, then he goes away.
      I suspect, but cannot prove, that this is the direction a *lot* of jobs that don’t *require* contiguous meatspace (i.e. not plumbers or auto mechanics) are going to go.
      Oh, and to be successful in this brave new world… will require some entrepreneurial talent and excellent written and verbal communication skills…. Just the facts, eh?

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