Apparently, the pro-Iranian Left HATES Argo.

OK, with a review like this now I HAVE to see Argo. The sheer bitterness that Ben Affleck had the unmitigated gall to make an ‘undeniably rousing, but deeply irresponsible,’ ‘first-rate thriller’ that ALSO happens to contradict antiwar progressive cant on Iran is a wondrous thing to behold. I must pre-order this movie*, solely because a purchase will be more coals on the head of Iranian apologists than a mere rental would be.


*Well… Wish Listed, at least. You know how that goes.

8 thoughts on “Apparently, the pro-Iranian Left HATES Argo.”

  1. Funny that the review doesn’t seem to take issue with the film being a relatively accurate portrayal, rather, they seem to take issue with that reality being inconvenient to their worldview. Reality is biased!

  2. Even though I knew the ending .. hell, I remember the headlines! .. I still enjoyed ‘Argo’. Saw it in the theater with Mrs. Cat and, as I wrote elsewhere after, it captured the .. zeitgeist .. of that age *as I recall it* pretty well.

    1. Yes, Cat, ’70s hair is well on display…
      Moe, just close your ears to Jimmy Carter vaporing during the ending voiceover, and you’ll like it just find.

      1. I found, Brian, the similarities between Carter’s Iran bloviation and Obama’s Libya chatter .. eerie… but that may just be me.

        1. Well, as Obama seems to be the spawn of an unholy union between Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter, that’s not too surprising…

  3. I saw it and enjoyed it. It takes a few liberties with the facts — it downplays Canada’s role and amps up the suspense by adding a few scenes that didn’t happen — but it’s astonishingly pro-American and accurate by Hollywood’s “based on a true story” standards.

    WIRED has published some good stuff on this, including a writeup on the real-life “Canadian Caper” and photos of some of the props from the original Argo fake publicity barrage (with concept art by Jack Kirby).

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