QotD, The New Republic Is Projecting Their Behavior On Us Again edition.

Oh, irony, how I miss thee.

…[One] element of the old law should not be repeated. [snip]: the 10-year sunset clause.

Superficially, having a time limit on the law makes sense. Congress is then forced to examine new evidence, gauge public opinion and make adjustments. But in practice, the sunset clause gave gun rights absolutists in Congress the power to ignore public opinion and new evidence. All they had to do is sit on their hands, without ever having to take a recorded vote and face their constituents.

…You know, if you just replaced ‘gun rights absolutists’ with ‘Democratic tax enthusiasts,’ you’d end up with something that was actually true and a fairly accurate description of Democratic tax policy over the last decade. As for the ‘sunset clause’… :shrug: I’m sure that it drives people nuts that the post-repeal decade demonstrated that there was never a need for the “assault weapons ban” in the first place, but I can’t imagine how any of that is MY fault.  Because it’s not.  Neither are any of the psychosexual neuroses that seem to be rampant among the anti-gun folks these days…

Moe Lane

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2 thoughts on “QotD, The New Republic Is Projecting Their Behavior On Us Again edition.”

  1. You know their BS line about guns being a phallic symbol? I think that’s true FOR THEM. Their whole fantasy of gun control involves symbolic emasculation of their political enemies.
    They’re some seriously ill people.

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