Patterico reminds you: clicking your side’s Amazon links…

makes the Other Side cry.


Well, that’s not entirely true: I don’t really care if a Left-lurker clicks on an link found on one of their ideological fellow-travelers’ sites.  Certainly those people could use it.  The major problem with a top-down crony system like the netroots is that it truly sucks if you’re not one of the cronies.  The Democratic party wants the C-List Left blogs to be loudly miserable; it makes the patronage look better, and provides a salubrious object lesson to bloggers who might otherwise get… stroppy.  So if you’re just over here just to… do whatever furtive thing it is that you do… well, when you’re done, make sure that you go to your favorite progressive site and click on their link.  They’re probably depending on revenues from it for their supplemental protein ration.

I know, I know: the Other Side hates us, and wants us to die in grease fires.  Tell that to Jesus; He wants me to be nice to them.  Whether I like it, or not.

Moe Lane