Harry Reid screws up online gambling bill by being… Harry Reid.

Gimme one good reason why I, or any Republican, should do Harry Reid a favor.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had promised Nevada’s gambling industry a federal law to legalize Internet poker by the end of 2012, calling it the state’s “most important issue” since the nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain was scuttled.

But in the end, Reid rolled snake eyes. And as the 113th Congress gets under way, the odds of legislation passing are even worse.

After all, as the article later notes Harry Reid himself thought that this bill was less important than getting Shelley Berkley elected over Dean Heller.  The GOP is under no actual obligation to put policy over politics when the Other Side has openly abandoned the former for the latter; but if Reid really wants this bill to pass, well, there are ways.  First, we pass a budget: then Harry Reid can find existing spending to cut that would offset the costs of this bill, plus a little bit extra of spending cuts – that’s for the house, you understand.  Reid’s from Nevada, technically: he should understand the concept.


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